Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone,,, I gotta say it makes no difference if u have what one calls a Valentine because,,,Well my feeling is this,,,If you’re in a relationship meaning married great,,and if single and consider yourself dating that’s great too whether exclusive or a few and/or if single without anyone u still have the Lord.  So hey it’s all good it’s all gravy,,,so I don’t wanna hear whooo is me and sounding all down,,,,talking I’m alone, I have no one,,, I don’t wanna hear nothing about that,,, save that shitttt cause u have one,,,U just forgot to consider who it was/is,,,Aren’t U ashamed,,,lol

I bet u aren’t and that’s ok cause the Lord LOVES U ANYWAY & FORGIVES so go ahead rejoice and enjoy this day it’s yours,,,tell the Lord thx too cause the Lord will be with u regardless,,,

Anyone whose birthday is today rejoice cause it’s a double up day for u,,,U’ll see!!!

With LOVE from me,,,

Davyd McCoy



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