All Alone


They say The truth will set you free,,,Set Neal free alright,,,Right out the house!

Being alone is the worst feeling someone could ever have. When I came out being gay to my family I was told just to leave.  Because my dad was very straight, so he couldn’t handle it since he was all that man.  But I felt that I had to tell them I thought I had a close family who could talk about our feelings, we use too.  Until that day I begged, I pleaded.  My dad would hear nothing of it.  I knew my mother whom I loved so much along side my brother and sister.  I was the middle child, my mom just turned and walked away.  I didn’t get mad at her because I knew it would be me or dad, so it wasn’t a question DAD.  But my brother and sister they told me to keep in touch that they would try and be there for me but we couldn’t let dad know or they would be out too.  I was only 15 scared and nowhere to turn.  I didn’t live in a big city I lived in Santa Clarita, some miles north of the San Fernando Valley.  Where do I go, what do I do.  I had packed my backpack that I use for school; thank God it was big enough for some clothes a toothbrush, basics. What’s basic at 15?  I didn’t even get a chance to cry… I went into the bathroom for a minute , I came out to see my dad throwing my backpack out the front door yelling my name NEAL get out.  I begged Dad don’t do this I love you guys you’re all I have.  He just looked and said HAD QUEER!  so I headed toward the main street thinking why, how could they just throw me out like that my mom accepting it dad having no concern for his child at all.  I had my thumb out and this man stopped and asked where was I going anywhere.  Little did I know he was gay?  He asked if I wanted to come to his house in the San Fernando Valley. OK, I went; at least I wasn’t on the street.  That was the beginning of my becoming a hooker on the street.  $20, $40, and $100 depending on what I did or let them do to me.  Most times they wanted to screw.  I realized it was more money, so I gave in.  They didn’t want to use condoms either they would say it felt better something about the sensation…. feeling.  One of the things I noticed in my travels, was they liked drag queens.  The ones I knew were making all kinds of money.  Don’t make me let you think I didn’t talk to my brother and sister sometimes, it was hard.  They worried but couldn’t do help.  Maybe they didn’t want too.  Well, I really found out when I told them I was making money in drag plus that thru it I became HIV positive.  Oh, I’m handling it.  I thought my brother and sister loved me too.  I knew we couldn’t see each other but still I would be there for them.  When I heard the phone hang up in my ear I knew I was all alone.  All of a sudden on this hot muggy day it was cold my whole body had chills.  No mom no dad no brother or sister.  I had to handle this on my own.  I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.  You would think over the past 10 years I would be use to it and be cold.  Well, I am cold….to the JOHNS after I get paid.  But I will never get used to the idea of not having my family. But I got to go make some money got to eat.  SEE YEA.

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Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone,,, I gotta say it makes no difference if u have what one calls a Valentine because,,,Well my feeling is this,,,If you’re in a relationship meaning married great,,and if single and consider yourself dating that’s great too whether exclusive or a few and/or if single without anyone u still have the Lord.  So hey it’s all good it’s all gravy,,,so I don’t wanna hear whooo is me and sounding all down,,,,talking I’m alone, I have no one,,, I don’t wanna hear nothing about that,,, save that shitttt cause u have one,,,U just forgot to consider who it was/is,,,Aren’t U ashamed,,,lol

I bet u aren’t and that’s ok cause the Lord LOVES U ANYWAY & FORGIVES so go ahead rejoice and enjoy this day it’s yours,,,tell the Lord thx too cause the Lord will be with u regardless,,,

Anyone whose birthday is today rejoice cause it’s a double up day for u,,,U’ll see!!!

With LOVE from me,,,

Davyd McCoy


It’s Me Just Be Ready

 Hi everybody,

I just wanted to give u some background on me, at least a lil bit.  As I sit here attempting, where to start.

So I will start here, I have a vivid imagination and have always felt the draw of the entertainment biz.  Because my grandmother worked as a private nurse for those in the biz such as Howard Hughes who would pay her phone bill way back in the day and then it was a $1.00, wow if they could be like that now,,,lol.  Later for Marilyn Monroe, there are stories there she told me but nothing ever negative about anyone.  Patty Duke, Angela Lansbury, Sammy Davis, Connie Stevens, Connie Francis.  These are the faces that I saw on a regular basis as very young child.  My mom working for a designer making clothes for the Supremes, Temptations, Four Tops and Disney on Parade also the Ice Capades, which both of these they were the beautiful dresses, outfits with lights,,,wow and when they would go up we had tickets to go see them I felt like the luckiest kid.  For those that remember the well known fashion designer Mr. Blackwell who was the 1st that put out the Best and Worst Dressed List before Joan Rivers though I am in no way cutting Joan.  He would give mom a dress every blue moon,,,they were hand beaded gowns beautiful, and my mom and aunt beautiful women too.   My dad knew O.C. Smith singer, Dick Bass football player and other actors I can’t even think of at the time and my uncle was best friends with Miles Davis.  Then our cousin which I call uncle, Don Marshall who was one of the co-stars of Land of the Giants who yrs ago dated Diane Carroll and also Jamal Wilkes former Laker basketball player.  I went to elementary school with Greg Morris from the original Mission Impossible his kids Iona, Phillip and Linda and Dick Bass’s son Ricky and there were others.   As a child my family was acquainted with Lena Horne, later while she was performing in the play Pal Joey in San Diego was able to reacquaint myself with her reminding her who I was when I was a child and who my parents were.  She was the best and I will never forget her.  But I say all this to give u some idea as to my connection to the biz.  No wonder I had a draw to the biz and wanna be involved.

I was raised in Los Angeles then Palm Springs and finally San Diego, which I consider home.  I’ve modeled and was a dancer and am an actor, writer, stand-up comedian and producer.  I went to highschool with Annette Bening Oscar Winner and Brian Mitchell Tony Award Winner.

Bottom line I had a good up bringing and was told by my father I will never forget, “If u want respect u give respect”.  That has never left me as well as get a degree because no one can ever take that piece of paper nor the education away from u.  And to get the same job the white man has u gotta work twice as hard so get that paper. So I worked hard for the 3 degrees that I have and proud of myself for them as he was the only child of his mother’s to receive a degree and I was the 1st of my siblings to do the same.  Through my life I have always spoke my mind said what I felt and was very honest about things.  So in saying that u have heard the saying don’t ask for what u don’t want the true answer to, because I will be straight up ,,, tell no lies, pull no punches, lay cards on the table and it is what it is.

So in saying this I’m just giving somewhat as brief a background as I believe gives some of me because u just never know what’s gonna come out of my mouth or the fingers type on the keys.  This space is where u will be able to read pieces from the books I have written which I self published the 1st but looking for a publisher to do the others,,,while reading some of my work plzzz feel free to comment, ask questions.  I’m glad to finally do this as it has been something I have wanted to do for sometime.

Plzzz enjoy what u read hopefully u will feel enlightened even educated on something u may have thought about but didn’t go far with,,,now maybe u will.  Finally not only do I like me, even with my faults, but I love me.  I hope that if u don’t love self that one day u will as I do myself.  And do your best to deal with positive energy and folks striving to make something of themselves ,,,hell we can all sit around doing nothing but sure ain’t gonna get u nowhere.  I also thank God my higher power for allowing me to have been birthed from my parents and having an up bringing which taught me home training.

Anyway, continue being blessed

Davyd McCoy